Monterey Pine

Common Name – Monterey Pine

Irish Namepéine Monterey

Latin Name – pinus radiata

The Monterey Pine is a species of pine native to the Central Coast of California and Mexico (on Guadalupe Island and Cedros island). It is an evergreen conifer in the family Pinaceae. The Monterey Pine can grow up to 30m in height. The crown is conic when young becoming broad with age. The bark varies from grey to reddish brown. The needles are held in whorls of three. The large cones are up to 15cm long, take two years to mature. The seeds are dark brown with a wing.
A beautiful tree to plant in many situations.
Monterey pine has become one of the most planted trees in the world thanks to its growth rate, good quality timber, and its minimal soil requirements.
The bark is fissured and dark grey to brown. It is adapted to cope with stand-killing fire disturbance. Its cones are serotinous, i.e., they remain closed until opened by the heat of a forest fire; the abundant seeds are then discharged to regenerate on the burned forest floor. The cones may also burst open in hot weather.