Common Name – Alder

Irish Nameaithig fedo

Latin Namealnus


“An alder tree can’t become an oak at will. A maple can’t pick up its roots like legs, and stride, step by
powerful step, along the shore to find the sun. And everything that ever said otherwise–all those years of school, and the plays and moving pictures that promise you can be someone else, something more–they were all lies.”

The Alder Tree is the most common tree in wetland forests, and it improves soil fertility through its ability to fix nitrogen from the air. Alder trees are perfect for growing in very damp ground and are often grown by lakes or large ponds. They are attractive light trees which do not require much ground and do not heavily shade out
plants growing underneath.

The Alder symbolises the 18th March – 14th April and those born during this period are said to be pathfinders, adventurers, creators – with the tenacity needed to solve problems.